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We’re almost out of lockdown completely with only masks, safe distancing and the 25 km driving mark for anyone living in Melbourne. The rest of Victoria can drive around freely. So there is not much longer and the Ring of Steel will soon be gone. Please be patient, we are almost there.

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November 2020

Why have Arnott’s Biscuits spoilt one of the most popular chocolate biscuits ever made. Have you noticed the dark chocolate version of Tim Tam’s creates a burning sensation on your tongue now? The reason is, they have added Chillie extract. WHY?
Norma – Templestowe

It was wonderful to see our latest grandchild the other day who had previously been out of the 5km distance. What a joy this was. But I still want everyone to be sensible. we don’t want to go back into lockdown. Stay safe everyone.
Glenda  – South Morang

Time for businesses to be allowed to open up again. Let’s get the economy moving again.
Jack – Rosanna

I don’t understand why two little boys cannot walk across the road to the park and kick a football with masks on.

Janet H.

Thank goodness Dan is letting me have a hair cut. Should I be grateful for small mercies?
Don – Rosanna

Why were council gardeners allowed to work outdoors but not private lawn mowing businesses who had no contact with a single human most days.
Ronald S. – Macleod

Not happy I still can’t visit my friends in regional Victoria.
Ann – Ivanhoe East

Why are caravan, boat and classic vehicle owners expected to pay vehicle registration when the owners are not allowed to use them due to Covid restrictions. This 6 months I would like to be reimbursed for
Harry – Ivanhoe

It’s a sad world when a first time mother is sent home from hospital twice during her labour. So much stress put on someone who hasn’t experienced child birth before.

Keith M. – South Morang

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